Jamaica Spice Ginger fra Kaffehagen

Jamaica Spice Ginger


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Handmade cakes, literally like Grandma used to make!
Dave started baking very young, learning techniques from his maternal Grandmother, Civilla.
The loaf cakes he hand bakes today are based on the recipes and traditions passed down through generations of his family.

Though we now enjoy this all year round, as a child Dave always looked forward to Granny Civilla baking these cakes in the autumn. Filled with exotic spices from far away places, the smell of the ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon really fills the kitchen when they bake.
All our cakes are hand mixed and baked in small batches to ensure a quality bake. Each cake is around 300g, perfect to share over afternoon tea.



Gluten (Hvete), Melk, Egg